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Why Is It Important to Make Your Bed?


The bedroom is usually the least dirty place in the house, simply because it’s the first area to focus on when we’re cleaning the whole house.

And before we can even begin to clean the bedroom, we need to make the bed first. Obviously, this is one chore that some of us are guilty of not doing.

How difficult can making the bed get?  We pull up and arrange our pillows and fold our blankets and sheets, but we don’t usually do all that well in a rush. Little do we know that thousands of harmful bacteria, insects, dust mites, or fungi can make their way to our beds if they’re not properly organized and cleaned.

Making the bed might be a small accomplishment, but it’s still a very important task to start the day for a few simple reasons.

1. It will look better

First off, making your bed makes it look better. Basically, you don’t make your bed in order to impress others, but an organized and clean bed catches the eye. Plus, you’d fall asleep faster once you lie down on the well-kempt sheets.

2. You’ll become more disciplined

As said by Admiral McRaven, the idea of starting to make your bed is an important first victory to start your day as it “sets the tone for the rest of the day.” Basically, if we look at it, it can help you build and improve self-discipline. Doing such a simple task can also help you prepare for larger tasks ahead.

3. It helps you become more productive.

Studies show that bed-makers are cleaner, tidier, and more productive. If it’s the first thing you do everyday, then you will be able to accomplish more tasks ahead. Making a habit out of making your bed will help you become more productive and diligent when it comes to handling a wide range of tasks.

4. It makes your bed more comfortable

Everybody wants to rest on a cozy bed. To get one, you will need to eliminate clutter, tone down, and keep your bedroom organized. With a comfortable bed, you will be able to get a good night’s sleep and wake up to a tidier room.

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