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Top 5 Room Cleaning Tips You can Do Under 15 Minutes

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Your room is your own personal lair inside your home. It’s where you relax and be in your element.  But when it comes to taking care of it, are we really doing enough?

A messy room can say a lot about the person living in it. We can then say that a cluttered room mirrors a cluttered life. Otherwise, you might want to make things a lot better by cleaning out your room and getting rid of the mess that’s making your room seem chaotic.

But time is precious and you wouldn’t spend most of it cleaning your room. Fortunately, there are ways you can speed up the process of decluttering your room and giving it a fresher, more refined look.

Save time while you pursue a clutter-life by applying these simple bedroom cleanups that actually work!

1. Gather your tools

Before cleaning your room, you need to secure the needed equipment. For a quick clean, opt to have these three tools at the ready:

  1. Vacuum cleaner.
  2. Trash bin
  3. Broom.

2. Make your bed

Making your bed is one of the most forgettable chores you have to do every morning, usually because you just don’t find it practical. Still, it doesn’t make up for the fact that your bed has to look presentable before you leave for work and right when you come home so you’ll be able to lie down comfortably. So, make it a habit to arrange your pillows and fold your blankets to make your bed looking brand new.

3. Gather, fold, and hang your clean clothes

Don’t just leave used clothes scattered throughout your room. Then again, many of us are guilty of this, especially when we have gotten used to people cleaning up our mess. Decluttering your bedroom involves a great deal of discipline, so make sure to gather up your clothes and spend time ironing, folding, and hanging them. This will certainly make your room more organized and makes it easier to find your outfit of the day.

4. Put the trash on the trash bin

All that trash that you’ve gathered when your decluttering your space must be thrown in the trash bin. Crumpled pieces of paper, wrappers, and other used packaging should be properly disposed of if you want to keep the room clutter and stress-free.

5. Sweep and Vacuum the Surfaces

You need to sweep and vacuum the floor to remove any loose dirt. You can use a broom to get rid of dust on open surfaces. For hard to reach areas, you can use a vacuum pipe cleaner to clear out the dust from every nook and cranny.

 Your bedroom is your sanctuary, its a place where you relax and lie down at the end of the day. Having it cleaned and well organized will be a refreshing treat to yourself, so make time to keep it spic and span.

Give your home or office a much needed pampering. With the right tools and a diligent staff, Clean House Services Inc. is Fort Walton Beach’s best cleaning company. To book for a cleaning, contact us at 850-496-6341 or click here to set an appointment.


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