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Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Floor Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood floors can really bring out the coziness and hospitality of any home with their rustic and vintage appeal.  

However, a lot of time and energy is often involved in maintaining hardwood, especially if it hasn’t been replaced for decades. There are a ton of risks involved to make these floors sparkle.

Fortunately, we happen to have a few safe and easy cleaning tips for your hardwood flooring:

Clear out the area

Before cleaning hardwood floors, you will need to clear the area.. 

One way to do this is to move everything (including furniture and other fixtures) to one side of the room. After cleaning that portion, you can move all the items to that side before you proceed to the other side.


Vacuuming your hardwood floor can get rid of messes that won’t be visible to the eye such as dust, dirt, salt, coffee ground, and gravel that you may have tracked into your house from the outside. .

Now, it’s important to always inspect your vacuum first before using it to avoid causing further messes. You may also need to check if the wheels and head are properly maintained to avoid scratching or damaging the floor.


To clean your hardwood floor further, use a microfiber mop to thoroughly sweep anything else your vacuum might have missed. 

Not only does this pick up any traces of dust and other particles that have fallen in between the boards, but it can also make your floor shine.

Also, make sure that what you’re using to clean your floor isn’t damaging it. Test it first on a less noticeable corner of the room to see if it works on your hardwood floor. 

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