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Steps To Cleaning Your Favorite Pillow


Can you call it a night without your favorite pillow? For sure, you won’t get a much-needed rets without it.

Then again, your favorite can get stinky over time. And though just the thought of not having it even for one night is already too much. But you know you have to part ways with it and just to get rid of the dust, sweat, and other impurities residing in the fabric.

After all, your favorite pillow should help you sleep soundly, so you will have to clean your it thoroughly by following these steps.


Washing Machine, Tennis Balls



Cleaning Your Cotton, Down, and Synthetic Pillows.

1. Take the pillow from its pillowcase or sham. Separately wash the pillow covers from pillows itself.

2.  Place two pillows inside your washing machine, so it’ll stay balanced while it spins.

3. Add a cup or scoop of your favorite powdered detergent.

4. Begin the wash cycle using warm water and adjust the settings to “gentle.” The warm water, for sure, can get rid of dust mites that hide in your pillow.

5. Place your pillows inside your dryer and set it on low heat.  

6. Add some clean tennis balls in the dryer to fluff your pillows.  

7. After the first cycle, check your pillows by feeling them. If they still feel wet, place them back in the dryer, although you can always consider air drying them.

Cleaning Your Memory Foam Pillows

1. Take the pillow from its pillowcase or sham. Separately wash the pillow cover from pillow itself. Take note: washing your memory foam pillows in the washing machine can twist it out of shape, so it’s always advisable to wash these types of pillows using running water.

2. Fill the tub with warm water. The water must be enough for the pillows to be covered.

3. Add a cup of your powdered detergent.

4. Hand wash your pillows, be sure that you’ve squeezed the whole pillow.

5. Rinse your pillows well.

6. Hang it up outside.

Your favorite pillow is probably your most prized possession, so you will have to clean it every chance you get. The same goes for your home, although it’s not everyday you spend cleaning and organizing. You also have a lot on your plate, so you might as well consider getting  professional cleaning company to help you out.

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