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Safety Tips For Using House Cleaning Products

house cleaning products

Cleaning messes isn’t always going to be a breeze sometimes. There are those that won’t go away with a wiping of a wet cloth. 

But we also have to take caution when using these products for deep cleaning. They can be hazardous to the touch, not meant to be breathed in, or both. 

So how do we take precautions before using house cleaning products? Here are a few tips:

Read labels before using

Before you pop these open to deal with your problems, remember to read the instructions first.

It’s always important to know if this is what you really need for this particular mess. Not only is improper use dangerous, but it is wasteful as well. 

So, remember to read labels on how to use these products, it should tell you where exactly you can use them in your home as well as following the safety tips it should provide such as if it tells you to use a mask or wear gloves before using them. 

Store these products in a secure location

After using these products, remember to return and store them in a secure location.

This isn’t like putting your broom back in the broom closet and then calling it a day, you are dealing with essentially dangerous chemicals that should not be bundled up or closely stacked beside each other. 

Additionally, do NOT mix these cleaning products together! Bleach and ammonia, for instance, can create hazardous fumes that could endanger your family’s health. 

Keep these products organized, away from the reach of children and in a location of your home where they can be easily found but not pose a threat when stored.

Ventilate or clear work area 

If you really have to use these products, remember to clear out the area you’re cleaning before getting to work. 

Ventilate your home to keep any dangerous fumes from building up inside or clear the space so you don’t contaminate fixtures such as your sofa or dining table where you might come into contact with it. 

Practice proper disposal

Don’t just throw away these products carelessly after use! 

Keep empty containers out of reach from children or pets, do not simply toss them into a corner where you keep your trash and do not flush or drain expired cleaning fluids down your sink or toilet. 

Remember that your cleaning product usually also has directions on how to properly dispose of it after use.

Clean House Services is experienced in safely using the right cleaning products for your home. Contact us today!

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