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A Guide to Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Organize Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a home clean also means keeping all your cleaning materials organized. After all, you need your cleaning supplies easily accessible so you are always ready for action. 

That said, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your home cleaning arsenal. 

Use a spare room 

Is there a spare closet in the house? Or maybe a spare cabinet? Any area of your home where you put up your brooms, brushes, and various cleaning products can be great for storing all your cleaning materials.

Remember to keep them close enough to use but also far apart to get them mixed up. This is important especially for products like bleach which can react with any other type of cleaning chemical.

Stock up with a cart

You can also use a rolling cart to have all that you need to clean your home mobile and ready for use.

A rolling cart should have enough space for all of your cleaning supplies. Plus, it should be easy enough to drag around the house so you always have your entire arsenal close to you when you go from room to room. As a bonus, it should also be easy to put away and store once the job is done.

Get creative

If all else fails, you can get creative with storing your cleaning supplies! Got an old shoe rack that hasn’t got much use over the years? Maybe you have some shelves that you seldom use. 

You can also reuse shoe boxes or plastic containers. There’s no limit to how you organize your cleaning supplies. You only need to look for possible items you can use for more storage.

As you keep your cleaning arsenal in order, you can also book a cleaning service to handle your tasks for you. 

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