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Natural Ingredients You Can Clean Your Home With

Clean ingredient

Cleaning your house is unavoidable. But you don’t always have to head out to the store for expensive and potentially hazardous cleaning products.

Your household is probably stocked with natural cleaning ingredients that you might not even know you have. So, here are a few natural cleaning ingredients you can use to spruce up the household:


Vinegar is a fairly common household ingredient that easily doubles as a cleaning solution because of its versatility and effectiveness.

It can be used as a multi-purpose cleaning solution that can substitute other cleaning products such as:

  • Glass cleaners
  • Floor cleaners
  • Metal polish
  • Stain removers

Mixed with warm water, vinegar can be applied anywhere around the home. The possibilities are limitless if you have a good vinegar solution at the ready.

Baking Soda

This ingredient can be used to eliminate foul odors that can turn off guests.

Use it with water or simply sprinkle it over messes on your floor and upholstery. It can also freshen up your fridge and it works just as well in getting rid of stubborn stains and remove dust and other debris.

Baking soda can even be applied alongside vinegar to fill in for cleaning products that claim to do the job for you. Not bad for an ingredient commonly used for baking class.


Every household should have some salt around somewhere, which is a good thing considering it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Salt mixed hot water can be used to clean out drains. With paper towels, you can use it to clean out grease from cooking pans. And it can even be used to clean your coffee pot by mixing it in with ice cubes and rinsing it out. 

With this ingredient so common and affordable, it’s almost completely unnecessary to use other cleaning products that cost a lot to purchase!


When life gives you lemons, don’t get started on the lemonade, get started on cleaning because that’s what’s important right now.

That being said, you can surprisingly use lemons to clean out your house as it can remove stains, polish your silverware, freshen up bad odors, and even clean out spots without you even having to scrub them out. 

As usual, it’s fairly common to mix water, vinegar, or even both to clean your home.

You don’t need to spend too much money at your nearest cleaning store for expensive products to clean out your home when you can just hop on over to your nearest grocery for these fairly common and affordable ingredients.

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