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Maintaining Your Home Between Cleaner Visits

Cleaner Maintain Home

Maintaining your home between regular visits by a cleaner is important for a very good reason. 

Cleaning your home can be exhausting for the most part, which explains why you hired a cleaner to take care of that for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a bit of cleaning yourself in-between visits.

Let’s take a look at a few things you might want to consider.

Pick up the clutter

It helps both you and the cleaner if you keep the clutter within your home to a minimum. 

Anything lying around your home needs to be in its proper place or discarded.

Pick up all that clutter and keep all your items well-organized daily so your cleaner doesn’t have to clean them up themselves when they arrive.

Place your laundry pile in one place

Speaking of clutter, your clothing could be scattered throughout your house as well.

Instead of leaving more work for your cleaner by leaving spare laundry just lying about, pile them all up in one place where they can go straight into the washing machine.

Moreover, dirty laundry needs to be sorted first before it can be cleaned up, so try keeping them in a spare laundry basket or whatever you can find in your house that stores dirty clothing.

Wipe down your spills

Spills are a common occurring mess, mostly caused by accident.

That being said, you don’t want to leave your spills around until the cleaner arrives. At the very least, You can wipe them down before they stain your carpet. Never leave them on the fabric for too long as they might get worse over time. 

Cleaning up your own spills around the house is also a common courtesy to your cleaner. Help them help you!

Do a sweep every now and then

Your cleaner makes things easier for you by doing this simple task. So why not return the favor?

Sweeping up your floors is an easy enough task for both you and your cleaner. But sweeping daily can keep some of the workloads off of your cleaner so that he or she will be focused more on the more important tasks at hand.

Take some time off your day to sweep up dust that has been slowly building up in the corners and floors of your home. It takes only a few minutes at best for this simple yet important activity that saves time and energy during a booked cleaning session. 

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