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A Homeowner’s Guide to Maintaining Cleaning Tools

maintaining cleaning tools

Keeping your home clean means maintaining the very tools that help you do the job.

Without these tools, you might not get the results you wanted, so it makes absolute sense to make sure these are well taken care of.

Check out this guide to keeping all your cleaning tools in good condition:

Brooms and brushes

Since these tools pick up dust, grime, and other debris, it’s always important to clear the bristles every now and then.

Most brooms and brushes can have their bristle parts disconnected so you can clean them easily with running water. Don’t forget to get rid of the debris that has been stuck in the bristles. Also, when storing brooms, make sure that the head is on top. Leaving this part on the floor can mess up the bristles.


Whenever there’s spilled milk or dog pee, it’s your mop that clears the floor of these messes, so it also needs a good cleaning all on its own.

Start by cleaning up the mop head with warm water and then hang it out to dry for the next couple of days. When cleaning your mop, make sure not to squeeze the water too hard to avoid damaging the fabric.


You might be using the cloth to wipe down countertops or dry dishes, but these need to be cleaned of the dirt and grime they pick up.  

You can clean rags and microfiber cloths by running them through the washing machine on a hot cycle. Be sure to separate them from the other items in your laundry basket and use mild-detergent. Avoid using fabric softener on microfiber cloths because it damages the texture.


Vacuums are an important part of your home cleaning arsenal, but maintaining and fixing them can be a complicated thing. 

But regardless of the brand or type of vacuum cleaner you have, you should be able to observe the following when keeping them in good condition:

  • Empty the canisters every now and then
  • Keep the filter clean and clean
  • Make sure the powerhead remains clean

To properly maintain your vacuum, check the manual that comes with the packaging or call the manufacturer itself for a more detailed guide. 

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