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Easy Tips for Last-Minute Cleaning


It would be great to have our homes sparkling clean all of the time. However, there are times that we need to get them cleaned as soon as possible… like when guests suddenly drop by!

You might not have enough time to prepare your home, but you can still pull off a quick cleaning that’s enough to make your home presentable. Use these tips to make your home sparkle in under 30 minutes – or even less!

General household clutter

Before tending to the key rooms in your home, you may need to declutter.

Pick up any clutter lying around your homes such as trash like food wrappers, worn clothing or any other objects that are out of place. 

Just do a quick but thorough sweep of your home for any of these before proceeding with cleaning major areas.

Bathroom refreshment

Your guests might feel the need for a quick bathroom break, so you definitely don’t want them to feel uncomfortable using it!

Start off by wiping the sink and countertops of any residue such as toothpaste in the sink and lose strands of hair. Next, clean the toilet as well by making sure to scrub underneath the seat.

After that, sweep or vacuum the bathroom floor of any dust or grime. Lastly, shut the shower curtain if your guest doesn’t plan on staying over for the night and take out the garbage for the final touch.

Removing stewing messes in the kitchen

To give your kitchen that clean touch within a short span of time, start by wiping your countertops and stoves of crumbs and food stains.

Next, take those dirty dishes out of the sink and load them into the dishwasher or just somewhere out of sight for the meantime. Wipe down your sink afterward while you’re at it. 

Lastly, dust off your appliances and sweep or vacuum your kitchen floors to make sure that you get anything else that may have dropped from the counter. 

Dusting off entryways and living rooms

These areas of your home will be where you’ll meet and spend the most time with your guests.

For the entryways, dust off shelves and windows and tidy up any shoes or coats you may have left by the door. Don’t forget to take the doormat outside for a bit and beat away hardened clumps of dust. 

As for your living room, simply dust off countertops and tabletops and follow it up with vacuuming. Fluff up those couch pillows as well to give it a more inviting feel. 

On most days, you might want to keep your home tidy all throughout. For that, you can hire a cleaning service that can give your home the makeover it needs so you are always prepared for any surprise visit. 

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