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4 Ways to Clean the Bathroom

Bathroom Clean

Just because it keeps you clean doesn’t mean it’s 100% germ-free. 

Your bathroom still needs to be deep cleaned considering all the moisture it has to deal with. And somehow, it’s the most difficult part of the house to clean, at least to some people.

Luckily, there are a few ways to thoroughly clean your bathroom of any germs and bacteria.

Scrub your shower walls

It’s best that you get to these as soon as possible if you don’t want them to get grimy.

You don’t even have to clean your shower walls that often. Every couple of months should do. Just make sure that you scrub your walls of any scum, body oils, and anything else that help accumulate dirt and other residues. 

If the grime has already hardened, you might want to spray some cleaning solution in between the tiles.

Wipe down those countertops

Toothpaste and makeup can leave ugly stains on the soft surface of the countertop. Take a little bit of time to use a wet paper towel to wipe away any smudges or stains. From there, make sure to wipe away any makeup or toothpaste residue immediately to= avoid stains that are difficult to remove.

Clean your toilet brush

How long has it been since you’ve last cleaned one of these? Chances are, you’ve probably forgotten about it already and have used it many times even in that state!

Keep the toilet brush clean and make sure to remove any traces of grease on the handle. These can be a prime source of germs and filth that can build up in only a matter of days.

On top of that, use hot water and plenty of bleach to clean the brush. This not only cleans out the grime building up but makes sure that no smell lingers after you’ve washed it.

Keep the floors dry

It’s easy to keep the floors of your bathroom dry just as much as it is easy to leave them wet and messy. 

Water droplets can mess up your tiles by staining them after a while. So it’s best to keep your bathroom floor dry. That said, you should be able to mop it up every now and then, especially after scrubbing. This reduces the amount of moisture and prevents mold from returning.

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