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A Guide to Cleaning Electronic Devices

electronic devices

As you get around to cleaning your home, you also need to keep appliances and electronic devices clean as well.

As we lie in wait indoors, we may turn to these devices for entertainment, keeping us informed through the news on the internet, or simply to contact friends and family who are also stuck at home. 

Here’s your guide to keep these devices clean: 


If you are working at home, you rely on your desktop computer or laptop for handling your tasks. Over time, dust and other debris will accumulate inside the unit and slow it down. That said, you need to clean your computer every now and then to maintain productivity. 

Before cleaning these, make sure to unplug and disconnect them from any sockets so that any cleaning fluid won’t come into contact and cause any wires to short..

Use microfiber cloths and proper screen-cleaning fluid on the exterior. Moreover, use a blower or brush to clean the inside components of dust and debris..

Keyboards and mouses

After unplugging the keyboard from your computer, make sure that you get in-between the keys. Use compressed air or cotton swabs for dirt that has settled in the gaps. As for your mouse, use disinfectant wipes and make sure to go over it from top to bottom..


You may be using these to listen to music, watch a funny video, or even to contact others from your friend group or family from a long distance. But prolonged usage could result in the accumulation of dirt. 

Use a damp, microfiber cloth to clean these and make sure to wipe all over the cushioned areas that go on your ears.


Let’s face it, you’re probably using your phone more than 50% of the time. You can only imagine the amount of pathogens that have settled on the surface. You might be bringing germs and bacteria with you as you come home.

Before you settle down, make sure to use disinfectant wipes on your phone. Start from the screen and work your way towards the back. If the phone comes with a case, remove it and wipe it as well. This will make sure your phone is germ and bacteria-free.

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