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Household Items That You Forget To Clean

Clean Household

Ever have that feeling you might have forgotten to clean something around the house?

If you’re planning to do a bit of deep cleaning, then pay attention to these small details: 

Toothbrush Holders

Your toothbrush holder is often one household item that gets overlooked. Often, this can lead to your toothbrushes being covered with mold and grime if it’s kept somewhere that hasn’t been cleaned.

It’s recommended to clean your toothbrush holders with bleach and water for an hour, and then leave it out to hang upside down. You can then use it for storing all your toothbrushes without worrying about mold buildup. 


With the top of your bed so clean, it’s easy to miss cleaning out what lies underneath.

Your bedsprings get dustier the longer you go without cleaning them. The easiest way to go about it is to sweep or vacuum the underside of your bed. Once you have removed all the dirt and debris, you will need to wipe the area with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. 


Yes, you took out the trash, but your dustbin probably still has a lot of litter to be discarded. 

The inside of your dustbins often has bits of clutter, making it unclean, unchecked, and easily overlooked if they weren’t cleaned properly. Use a few disinfectants in cleaning it and remember to let it dry first before using it.


How easy it is to forget cleaning these particular household items, especially since they’re used in ‘brush and go’ situations daily?

If you don’t clean these daily, you might get hair and scalp infections as a result. To prevent this, make sure your brushes are cleaned at least once a week. Use detergent to remove grime, dandruff, and whatever else your brush picks up in sweeping your scalp.

Hopefully, you won’t forget cleaning these particular household items on your next cleaning run of your home. 

They might be easy to overlook but you can get around to cleaning them eventually. 

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