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Tips for Freshening Up Your Home this 2020

Fresh Year New Cleaning

A new year comes with a fresh start and one thing that you can freshen up in the first month of 2020 is your home. 

You and your home have gone through a lot in the past year, and now there’s no better time for a fresh reboot to clean up your house than now as the year is just beginning. 

Here are a few tips on giving your home the freshening it needs:

Give your bedroom that rousing touch-up

How long has your bedroom stayed a dump? 

A cleaner bedroom is a dream. This is why it’s time you changed any old sheets that you’ve overused swap them out for newer, cleaner bedsheets that are free of dust, germs, and bacteria. 

You should also clean your bedroom of any cluttered laundry by picking up and organizing any extra clothing lying on the floor.

Wash away your bathroom’s old flaws

How long have your tiles been grimy in the one place in your home where you clean yourself? If the answer goes back to more than a month, it’s time to hit the hard refresh and give your bathroom more than a quick scrub.

Freshen up your bathroom by clearing those drains with baking soda and vinegar. Don’t forget to keep those tiles of yours clean by scrubbing them using an organic tile cleaner.

Spice up the cleanliness of your kitchen

There are a lot of common messes that can pile up in the heart of your home than you think, it’s time to turn your attention to these.

Piled-up dishes are an example, and leaving them unattended for far too long can lead to serious consequences that will make it even more complicated to clean. That said, don’t forget to place all your dirty dishes in the washer immediately after use.

Also, put away and organize cluttered kitchen tools like pots, pans, and knives back in their proper places. You can also use organizers to save space. 

The new year is a time for a fresh start for all things, including refreshing your home itself.

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