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Your Guide to Crystal Clear Windows


Scratch-free and blemish-free windows are the envy of the whole neighborhood. Then again, it takes time and effort to maintain crystal clear windows for your home.

Make it simpler and easier with this nifty guide:

1. Swap newspaper with coffee filters

Newspapers have become passe. Coffee filters can do a lot better without leaving unsightly streaks on the surface. Just be sure to use clean coffee filters for this task.

2. Make your own glass cleaner

Most glass cleaners are laden with chemicals. A healthier and more eco-friendly alternative would be to make your own glass cleaner by mixing two parts soap with water and a small amount of vinegar. Your windows would look neater once you use your homemade solution for your chores.

3. Use a microfiber cloth

Dirt, dust, and other residue are hard to remove as they cling stubbornly on glass surfaces. With a microfiber cloth, you can easily pick up these tiny particles without leaving any scratches on your windows.

4. Consider blackboard erasers

Streaks are a nightmare to anyone who wants crystal clear windows. When microfiber cloths and coffee filters fail, you know you’ll have to use the big guns: chalkboard erasers. The foam allows you to smoothen out the glass and get rid of streaking. You can finally erase the problem once and for all!

5. Add some cornstarch

You can increase the cleaning power of your window cleaner by adding some cornstarch to the solution. Cornstarch is great for stubborn dirt and smudges that often drive you insane, so make sure you add a few teaspoons of this kitchen staple to achieve shinier and cleaner windows.

Cleaning your windows may seem like a difficult task, but these tips can help you do it faster and for the best quality. For other helpful cleaning hacks, standby for new tips and advice to a cleaner home and a less tedious life!

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