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Getting Rid of House Odors

House Odors

Bad home odors are more common than you think. No matter how much we clean and disinfect our homes, foul odors are bound to mess up your home even if it looks spotless on the surface. 

Whether they come from spots you missed after cleaning your home or from a recent mess, dealing with bad home odors won’t be a problem if you follow a few simple cleaning 

Taking care of kitchen odors

Is that fish you saved starting to smell? Maybe that one dish you attempted didn’t end up well and started stinking up your kitchen? 

Kitchen odors are among the most to deal with. Your fridge has to be the prime culprit, so it makes for the best place to start cleaning. Remember to clear out anything that’s starting to go bad before deodorizing and wiping down the shelves with a baking soda and warm water solution. 

Additionally, don’t forget to tend to your countertops and stoves because these are where most odors emanate. Clean up spills often and don’t forget to wipe these areas down thoroughly.

Freshening up the bathroom

If you want to come out of your bathroom fresh, you need to keep all aspects of it as clean as possible. And that includes getting rid of foul odors.

Air fresheners can only do so much, so clean out your toilets by pouring down a cup of vinegar and leaving it for ten minutes. You can then scrub away to get rid of molding and bacteria that are always causing bad smells.

Putting bedroom odors to rest

From your mattresses to cluttered laundry to your own sweat, basically anything can potentially stink up your bedroom. With this mind, you just can’t relax if your bed gives off an unpleasant scent. 

Use baking soda on a stinky mattress and leave it on the surface for two hours to deodorize it. After that, follow it up with a handheld vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to also routinely change sheets, and to pick up and put away dirty laundry cluttering your bedroom. This should keep your bedroom smelling fresh!

Here’s another important tip: Hire an extra hand who will provide the means to deep-clean your home and get rid of annoying odors once and for all!

Clean House Services is well-equipped to handle any kind of mess whether it’s spilled on the floor or lingering in the air. Contact us today!

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