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Your Festive Cleaning Checklist For The End of the Year


The end of the year is fast approaching! Christmas is coming soon and then after that, we will be up around midnight for the arrival of 2022.

Time sure flies fast doesn’t it? But it also means that if you’ve left off cleaning chores this long, you might have a lot to get back to after the holidays. 

If you set up a list of these chores beforehand, your workload won’t be as bad and you can still enjoy the holidays. Here’s a handy festive cleaning checklist that could help you get started:

Clean crucial kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances like your stove, oven, and fridge need regular cleaning and maintenance. This is an absolute necessity if you want them to work at their best during the holidays. 

Wipe down the top of your stove and inside of your oven for any stains and food remains. You don’t want these to be greasy and dirty for your next meal, especially during the holidays.

As for your fridge, make sure to remove everything inside it beforehand. Then wipe down and sanitize its shelves and insides.

Freshen up your bathrooms 

Want to get your bathrooms ready for you and your guests? Make sure to disinfect surfaces such as countertops, switches, and door handles. 

Be sure to also have toilets and sinks cleaned as well. Stocking up on rolls of toilet paper and hand soap isn’t also a bad idea.

Declutter around your house

Go around your home and start picking up and organizing things that should be in their proper place.

Spare laundry, misplaced kitchen or bathroom items, and that sock in the corner are bits of clutter that your home doesn’t need for the holidays. 

Make sure to pick them up and return them to where they belong. Additionally, if you have the time make sure to label them as house clutter or trash so you know what to keep or throw out.

Hire a cleaning service early

It’s never too late to hire a cleaning service! 

The best time you can do it is before the holidays so that you don’t have to tackle as many chores as you usually do this time of the year. 

Interested in hiring one now? Clean House Services has the holiday spirit to get those chores on your cleaning checklist done now. Contact us now!

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