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4 Easy and Stress-Free Cleaning Tips for the Holidays


Christmas is a time when families come together for good food, fun times, and warm smiles. But setting up your household in time for the occasion is a challenge that’s both essential yet stressful.

Your home should be at its best long before your Christmas guests arrive. As much as you want to cook up a hearty dinner, your home should provide a cozy and healthy atmosphere. 

One thing’s for sure, cleaning up for Christmas shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. So long as you follow these stress-free Christmas cleaning tips, you can make this year’s feast a memorable one:

Dust areas your guests will be in

If you’ve noticed dust gathering in a few areas your guests might hang out, it’s time for a thorough dusting. 

Get rid of dust building up on chair armrests or anywhere where you believe guests might stay. Vacuuming and sweeping your floors should also be a priority. Make sure to aerate every room as you get rid of every speck you find.  

Keep your dishwasher empty

Keeping your dishwasher free from plates early on is a good way to reduce the clean-up after the holiday. 

To keep yourself from cleaning up large piles of dishes, make sure you have room in your sink and dishwasher. The least you could do is to wash your dishes at the last minute. 

Freshen up bathrooms

You only need to make sure your bathrooms are fresh enough for your guests to use during their visit. 

Keep a few rolls of toilet paper ready before your guests arrive. Also, be sure to disinfect surfaces that they will come in contact with, such as sinks and handles. 

Wipe down countertops 

Your countertops should receive thorough wiping with a microfiber cloth and disinfectant too. 

Do this if you want your countertops to look and feel fresh for your guests on Christmas. It also keeps them from coming into contact with viruses and germs.

Feel like your home could use extra sprucing up before Christmas? Hiring a cleaning company to do the work will give you fewer worries on this important occasion. 

For your holiday cleaning needs, contact Clean House Services. We can help freshen up your home in time for the last leg of the year!

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