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4 Crystal Clear Tips for Broken Glass Cleanup

broken glass cleanup

Have you ever dropped a glass in the kitchen? Perhaps you cracked a window or a mirror by accident? Forget about the bad luck, you have a dangerous and tricky mess to clean up now.

Cleaning up glass shards puts you and anyone in your home at risk of getting injured if you are not careful. The danger of scrapes and painful cuts is present if you are not prepared for it. 

Luckily, there are easy tips that can help you with broken glass clean up so you can keep your family safe from the threat of getting cut. Here are a few examples we’ve listed for you:

Keep yourself protected

Protect your hands when picking or sweeping up glass pieces. For this reason, wear rubber gloves before you do any broken glass cleanup. 

Also, remember to wear shoes if you have to wade through a sea of broken glass to clean it up. Safety must always be a priority when you are picking up pieces of glass. 

Remove larger pieces first

Pick out larger pieces before sweeping up the rest. These pieces are easier to pick up and spot due to their size. Once you get rid of these, clearing up the rest of the damage will be easy.

Shake and rinse brooms after sweeping

If you are using a broom to clear up your floors, make sure to rinse and shake off any stray glass that might still be on it. Shake it down as much as you can and don’t leave anything clinging on to it so that you and anyone else who uses your broom to clean won’t get injured.

If possible, consider also getting a replacement if you happen to sweep up a large amount of glass. 

Use your vacuum

Vacuuming your floors should clear out the tiniest specks of glass that are near invisible. Make sure to do sweep after sweep until all glass debris is gone. Don’t forget to use the proper attachments so you can pick up any shards or debris that might have gone underneath your furniture.

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