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Tips for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

clutter-free kitchen

Your kitchen should be free of clutter after a long day of whipping up hearty meals.

Decluttering this area of your home is one of the most important steps to keeping it clean and organized before you prepare for your next big meal. 

After all, the last thing you would want in your kitchen would be utensils in places you don’t want them to be or even ingredients that have left stubborn stains on the tiles or countertops. 

It doesn’t have to be the hardest part of cleaning the kitchen, but these tips should help you a lot:

Clean up general clutter

First off, start putting away clutter that doesn’t belong in your kitchen in the first place.

Anything from gadgets, ornaments, or even clothing that doesn’t belong in your kitchen should be set aside, returned to where they should be, or discarded.

You can use a garbage bag or a spare basket and store these items away and clear your kitchen of clutter. You can then sort out the clutter so you can throw away clutter you couldn’t possibly reuse.

Sort out your drawers

Your kitchen drawers contain the tools needed for preparing delicious meals.

That being said, make sure to sort out any messy drawers. Make sure to organize your utensils by type and throw away or repurpose any tools that show signs of rusting. 

Additionally, you could set aside all cooking utensils like ladles and spatulas and separate them from the dining utensils suchs as spoons and forks. You will need different drawers and compartments for this.

Clear the countertops

Your countertops should be free of clutter if you want your next dish to be a big hit.

Anything previously used in your last cooking session should be back in its proper place. After all, you couldn’t possibly give the countertops a proper wipe down if there are items sitting on top of them. 

Organize your food

Your food should be organized as well to keep the clutter out of your kitchen for good.

Food that hasn’t been eaten or has gone bad should be set apart from fresh food. This should keep the fresh food from spoiling quickly. 

On top of that, use different containers for certain spices or herbs. Organizing your kitchen this way should make your next cooking session less messy and hectic. 

If you need help cleaning the clutter in your kitchen or your home in general, consider hiring an experienced cleaning company. Clean House Services is always ready to make your home free of clutter, dirt, and grime. Contact us today!

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