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Is Your Cleaning Company Wasting Your Time?


Have you hired a cleaning service but feel like their hands might not be as clean as you thought?

By that, we mean shady companies that are out to make quick but still leave you with subpar results. 

Don’t get ripped by these “fly-by-night” cleaning services. You need to be cautious by checking for these red flags:

Ever-increasing “charges”

Did the company start off cheap, but started piling on extra charges more and more without actually getting any cleaning done? That might be a serious indicator that they’re only in it for what your credit card can provide them. 

A good sign of spotting this early is if they charge you upfront. NEVER take deals like this in any form unless you’re dealing with a reputable company that doesn’t have any bad reviews.

Poor performance

What’s the most important reason you vouch for a certain cleaning company?

Of course, it’s the capacity to do a good job at cleaning. 

But if you constantly come home to a mess that’s still untaken care of or even worse than when you left it, it may be time to cut ties with this particular company for making terrible use of your time. 

Shady practices

Did you dig up some dirt on the company and found out they’re actually an unlicensed firm? Or perhaps the folks who came over to clean weren’t even working for said company? 

If your company has practices like these that are grimier than what’s clogging up your gutter, then you might as well call it quits and issue a complaint with the proper authorities.

They’re untrained and unprepared

The nail in the coffin is when you eventually find out, through their charges, or poor performance, and especially in the practices they keep, that they’re untrained and unprepared for cleaning up your home.

If they don’t bring their own equipment (and are constantly asking for yours) and just don’t seem to know what they’re doing, then they’re wasting your time right in front of your eyes. You really need to see that before it’s too late to back out.

At any rate, picking a right cleaning service that won’t waste your time doesn’t have to be a challenge. 

You just have to look at trusted veterans at Clean House Services which always strives to provide you with high quality results without the tradeoffs. Call us today!

Give your home or office a much needed pampering. With the right tools and a diligent staff, Clean House Services Inc. is Fort Walton Beach’s best cleaning company. To book for a cleaning, contact us at 850-496-6341 or click here to set an appointment.  

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