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The Top Cleaning Tips You Need this Spring Season


Like everybody else, you’re probably excited for the spring season to arrive. Who wouldn’t be?  It’s that time of the year when the neighborhood comes to life in an array of color as flowers bloom vibrantly to bid the pesky winter cold goodbye.

Indeed, what better way to welcome the season than to clean up after the winter mess and make your home more attractive by giving it a thorough clean up.

The Top Cleaning Tips You Need this Spring Season

Here are the best tips to start you off:

1. Give your sinks a wipe down

You know your steel sinks need to be scrubbed when too much gunk has accumulated. Sometimes, it’s difficult to remove these stubborn stains, so you might as well use baking soda to make your sinks shine.

2. Get rid of cobwebs

It’s either too early or too later for Halloween, so make sure to remove cobwebs inside and outside your home. Using an extended broom that’s wrapped with cloth, you can clear ceilings of unsightly spider sulk.

3. Clean your sofa

Ready to accept the first visitors of the season? Make sure you give your sofas and couches a much-needed dusting. Use a vacuum cleaner hose to pick up any loose dirt from the fabric. With regards to stains, use a water and soap mixture and apply it using a cotton cloth. For white fabrics, you can add some bleach to the mixture to make your sofas look just as new.

4. Re-organize your personal stuff

Clutter can make your home less appealing, so make sure to spend time sorting out your personal items and discarding those you don’t use anymore. Clear out your drawers and closets and consider additional storage for keeping extra knowledge.

5. Give your walls a wipe down

When’s the last time you cleaned your walls? If there are any noticeable stains or discoloration on your walls, consider giving them a thorough wipe down using warm water and soap. You might also consider updating the wall paint or wallpaper to achieve a fresher and more impressive.

What other springtime cleaning tips every homeowner should know about? Leave a comment below.

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