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Cleaning Products That Damage Hardwood Floors

damage hardwood floors

Hardwood floors need to be cleaned just as well as any area of your house. However, the products you are using on these surfaces may do more harm than good. 

For this reason, it’s important to be aware of what not to use for making hardwood floors sparkle once again. With that being said, you might want to steer clear of these chemicals if you are planning to do some cleaning for the Holidays: 


Using bleach on hardwood can cause fading and staining. Avoid using this to clean hardwood floors if you don’t want to lose their natural color. Plus, with extensive use, bleach can also damage the wood itself. This leaves you with an even greater mess to handle. 

Soap and water

While ideal for getting rid of stains, soap and water can cause long-term damage to your hardwood floors if you don’t use this combination properly. Water can damage your floors in the long run and soap can cause the build up of residue. Not only do they make your floors dangerously slippery, they can also leave stains that are difficult to clean off.

Hydrogen peroxide

This chemical does a good job when it comes to disinfecting. However, it can cause discoloration on hardwood. If you aren’t sure how to best apply hydrogen peroxide, then it’s best not to use this cleaning product at all. You are better off using microfiber mops or cloths to clean up any mess that has spilt on your floor. 


This kitchen ingredient can be used for most messes. Applying too much vinegar on hardwood, however, can cause staining and water damage. Moreover, the acid in vinegar is enough to destroy the coating of your hardwood floor, so extra caution is necessary. But if you really need to, make sure to dilute half a cup of vinegar for every one gallon of water. This should be enough to get any cleaning down without damaging the hardwood material of your floor. 

If you aren’t sure which cleaning product is best for hardwood, then you might as well get help from a reliable cleaning service. 

With Clean House Services, you are assured of quality results without any tradeoffs. Give us a call to see for yourself!

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