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Cleaning Glass Surfaces In Your Home

glass cleaning

Glass surfaces at home need proper cleaning from time to time. Stains, dust, or even mold that may build up on them as time passes. Cleaning glass surfaces, however, is a tricky process since there’s the risk of scratching and even damaging if you don’t take the proper precautions. 

You don’t want to leave your glass in a bigger mess than it already was, so here are a few tips to cleaning glass surfaces in your home:

Bring in the the right equipment

You’ll need the right kind of equipment for the job. Don’t just grab the nearest paper towels as these might cause further damage or worsen the condition of glass surfaces such as your windows or tables. Instead, use microfiber cloths, squeegees, and anything else that don’t put pressure on glass surfaces. 

Use the right cleaners

For deeper, more efficient cleaning, use proper cleaners. Whether you bought them from the store or made them yourself, the right cleaners can make glass surfaces sparkle. 

Vinegar and water, for example, make for a natural and effective cleaner that’s safe to use. If you’re not a fan of the smell, you can mix the water with rubbing alcohol instead with only the smallest teaspoon of vinegar mixed in for a similarly effective result.

Work quickly

When it comes to cleaning glass surfaces, speed and precision is key.

The longer you wait, the more the streaks on your glass panes and surfaces will linger. These may cause smudging and makes it harder for you to get rid of in the long run. So when cleaning dirty glass, be sure to have everything ready and to get rid of it as soon as possible. Never wait until stains harden. You wouldn’t want to end up breaking the glass in an effort to get rid of the solidified stain.

Glass cleaning can be tricky, so it’s always important to use the right tools and methods for putting the shine back on glass surfaces.  

If you need thorough results, look no further than hiring a professional cleaning service near you. Clean House Services uses tried and tested methods that freshener up your home without breaking a few mirrors in the process. 

Book a cleaning today and see how we can make not just glass but your entire home sparkle. 

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