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Common Electronics to Clean at Home


The rooms of your house might be clean, but have you been giving your appliances the same amount of attention?

Electronics can be tricky to clean, if not difficult. One drip of cleaning fluid, water, or even soap can lead to costly damages. Then again, it’s possible to clean these electronics without the risk of damaging them. 

Let us show you how:


Cleaning your television isn’t just a matter of wiping the screen. If you need to give it a more thorough clean up, make sure to do it properly. 

Don’t make the mistake of using a glass cleaner on your screen as most TV screens tend to be sensitive to certain chemicals. Use a microfiber cloth to get rid of stains, dirt, or any other debris.

You can sit in front of the TV all day, but you also need time to give it a well-deserved pampering.


Aside from your TV, you will also be spending a great deal of time on the phone.

Take your phone out from its case, and just like with your TV screen, you shouldn’t rely on a glass cleaner to wipe it down with. 

You should, however, take some extra care when scrubbing your phone’s screen. Use a microfiber cloth and some water. You can also use cotton swabs to clean out the corners that can’t be wiped with a cloth.

Clean your phone as carefully as you can on a regular basis. Doing so ensures the longevity of your phone. 


Refrigerators are an important electronic in your household as they keep your food from spoiling. But you have to admit that cleaning the fridge is hard work.

First off, take out all your food. Next, pull out your drawers and shelves and wash those with warm water and soap. Using the same mixture, scrub the interior of the fridge.

If there are any stains within that are too tough, baking soda can definitely help scrub them out. It also works wonders on bad smells.  

Once that’s all done, make sure you check on the food you put back into the fridge. Some of it may have already gone bad, and the last thing you need is to put them back into your newly cleaned fridge.

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