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Cleaning Checklist For Your Home Office

home office

In this current health crisis, many of us are forced to work from home.

It has its advantages: It’s convenient and you get to stay close to your family throughout the day. But like any other office, your home office needs cleaning from time to time. 

That being said, cleaning up your home office serves just as much importance as keeping the rest of your house free from pathogens. 

Here’s a checklist you can follow for keeping your home office in order:

Wipe down your desk

Your desk is the one place where germs can accumulate in your workspace, so it’s important to clean it up using a very basic tip.

Pick up clutter such as accessories and be sure to dust off and wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth before tending to the surface, frame, and legs of your desk. Wipe from top to bottom and make sure to cover every spot. 

Don’t forget to dust off and wipe your computer, keyboard, and any other electronics that you keep on your desk as well.


Aside from the floor, you can also use your vacuum cleaner on other items. 

For one, use it on your desk chair using a brush attachment. You can also use it on your closets and filing cabinets. Be sure to sweep over and under them. Lastly, don’t forget to sanitize these areas using a disinfectant mist. 

Sanitize contact surfaces

Disinfectant wipes and cleaners will come in handy when cleaning high-contact surfaces such as handles and tables.

Make sure to wipe down desk surfaces, countertops, handsets, switches, and cords when disinfecting your workspace. This should eliminate germs and bacteria and freshen up your workspace. 

Is cleaning your home office too time-consuming? You might as well focus on more important tasks and let Clean House Services handle the dirty work! With our expertise, we guarantee the best results in making you extra comfortable while you are working from home! 

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