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Guidelines For Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Kitchen

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COVID-19 has forced everyone to stay in their homes for weeks. For some, this would mean spending more time in the kitchen to experiment with new recipes. 

But before you whip up another culinary masterpiece, here’s a guide for cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen :

Your own safety comes before the meal

Before you take care of the messes in the kitchen, it’s important to keep yourself protected.

Disposable gloves and masks come in handy when it comes to protecting yourself from pathogens. Not only that, they can also protect you from the very cleaning products you will be using. 

Remember, clean first and disinfect after. This way, your kitchen is kept clear of dirt and debris as well as from bacteria, germs and even viruses!

Find all sources of contamination

Identify areas in your kitchen that are the most likely to be contaminated. These could be areas where you store food and utensils.

Countertops and tables where food is prepared are some of the most frequently  infected surfaces. The fridge, cabinets, and drawers are also prone to contamination, so you might as well spend extra time disinfecting and getting rid of mold.

Keep your food safe

Preserving and keeping your food clean and safe is also part of keeping your kitchen safe as well.

Transferring food such as beans and pasta to cleaner containers rather than leaving them in the containers they came in makes for safer food preparation. 

Additionally, disinfecting non-porous containers like glass or metal jars or cans with wipes or a prescribed cleaning solution makes them safe for storing ingredients. 

Clean your kitchen more than once

It doesn’t hurt to clean your kitchen again to make sure it’s clear of any remaining debris and bacteria.

Cleaning your kitchen more than once a week should be fairly common in most households now that everyone is staying indoors due to the virus. At the very least, you are doing your own part in flattening the curve. 

Additionally, hiring a cleaning service can save you time and keep your home safe. Clean House Services is here to keep your kitchen and any other area in the house clear of pathogens. Contact us today!

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