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Cleaning A Cluttered Closet

cleaning cluttered closets

Getting your laundry done is one thing, but making sure that your clothing is stored properly is a different challenge altogether. 

Clean closets should be part of your home as these help ensure the longevity of clothing and make it easier for you to find your #OOTD. That said, here are a few tips you need for cleaning a cluttered closet:

Set up a daily schedule for it

You don’t have to set a fixed schedule for cleaning your closets, but see if you can get it done at least once a week.

Consider this, the sooner you get it done the less effort it requires if you set it aside. Think of this especially when you have other important chores in your home to tend to.

Take inventory of all clothing

Taking inventory of your clothing makes for an organized storage.

Next, take out ALL of your clothing items whether you use them or not and then wipe down the insides of your closet. Be sure to take out unnecessary things that may still be in there and return the items you need to where they belong.

Pick out keepers and sellers

When it comes to organizing your closet, you will find clothes that fall in either one of two categories: keepers and sellers.

Your keepers are clothing that you consider wearing on a daily basis while your sellers should be clothing items that you happen not to wear a lot anymore because you have grown out of them or they have become outdated.

Organizing these keeps you from selling clothing you might regret giving away and keeping clothing that won’t see much use at all. Put aside the keepers on one side and then stash away the sellers to get rid of later on in a yard sale.

Rearrange your keepers

Once you have your keepers, it’s time to get them back into your closet.

Don’t just stuff them back as they were. Now is your chance to actually rearrange them in a neater and more tidy order within your closet. This will be your last step in finally cleaning and organizing your closet after all this time.

Handling clutter such as scattered or disorganized clothing can take too much time for you to clean up alone. Hiring a cleaning company can help cut down the hours needed to take care of that.

Clean House Services helps clean and organize any kind of cluttered area within your home. Call us today!

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