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Choosing a Safer Disinfectant for Your Home

safer disinfectant

One of the key supplies you will need to keep your home safe from pathogens is your arsenal of disinfectants. 

However, it is important to consider what kind of disinfectants are safe for use within your house. Considering many cleaning products contain various toxic chemicals, it’s best not to take your chances at the grocery store. 

Don’t go spraying what you picked up just yet. Here are a few considerations in looking for a safer disinfectant for your home:

Environmentally safe

Remember that you’re spreading this disinfectant within the confines of your home, so you don’t want it posing as a health risk.

Make sure that the disinfectant does not pollute the air or even the surfaces of your home when you use it after cleaning. Additionally, it should not damage the surrounding environment. 

Pick up environmentally safe disinfectants whenever possible to not only keep your home clean, but also green!

Affordability and convenience

You don’t need to purchase costly premium disinfectants in order to keep your home free from germs or other pathogens that may accumulate as you clean your home.

It should also be easy-to-use. It should come with simple instructions on the label or even a manual to ensure that you’re using the product safely. 

Can it work with your cleaning tools?

Compatibility is also an important consideration in making sure you can make the most out of the product.

Incompatibility can be dangerous. You never know if a disinfectant suits the area you are cleaning. To be sure, check out the instructions on the packaging or do your research prior to buying the product. 


The most important thing to consider is whether your disinfectant is safe around other people or even yourself. 

Read the label or simply look up your disinfectant before using it on certain surfaces. You should also make sure the product does not contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia and other volatile organic compounds. To be safe, look for products that are EPA approved.

If you can’t do the cleaning yourself, you can trust Clean House Services to give you results with any risks to the environment and to your health. Contact us today!

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