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Carpet Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

carpet cleaning

A carpet keeps your floors from getting dirty and can also serve as a suitable ornament for your home. It’s only a matter of keeping it in good condition every time.

Then again, cleaning carpets isn’t as easy using the vacuum to suck up loose dirt. For more thorough cleaning, use these essential hacks for any type of carpeting.

Lint rollers and squeegees

These tools are particularly effective for debris that vacuum cleaners could easily overlook.

Lint rollers can catch and retrieve pet fur or your own hair. On the other hand, a watered squeegee, while normally used for windows, can dislodge and remove hairs stuck in the fabric of your carpet. Either way, they make for a safer way to get rid of hair and other debris that are difficult to get rid of.

Iron stain removal

Ironing your carpet can help remove stains with a simple little process.

First, get rid of excess particles by vacuuming and shaking down your carpet. Then, treat those stains with some water and vinegar before finally placing a towel on top of the stained area. Use an iron and some pressure in order to cause enough heat transfer to get rid of the stain once and for all. 

Rub away stains

When treating stains on your carpet in general, it’s important not to rub into it incorrectly as it poses the risk of further pushing the stain into your carpet.

The best course of action is to rub and blot away the stain, taking care not to spread the stain itself. Pay attention to the direction you’re blotting and make sure it does not further mix it into the fabric of the carpet.

Baking soda for odor removal

While effective for carpet stains, baking soda also eliminates any foul odor from your carpet.

On top of that, it extracts oils and leaves behind a dry, easy to vacuum crust which is why it’s so effective in treating carpet stains when applied properly. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the stain and the problem should be easy to clean up afterward.

You can also hire the services of a cleaning company to not only get your carpets cleaned up but also leave the floors of any area in your home sparkling. Get started with Clean House Services today!

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