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Healthier Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom Odors

bathroom odors

A smelly bathroom can be a big problem, especially if the smell of urine and sewage still linger no matter how many times we clean it up in a week.

That said, the first solution that comes to mind is the over-the-counter air fresheners we buy from the supermarket. However, the chemicals contained in these products are often unsafe, so you would probably think twice about using them.

We want to keep our bathroom attractive and fresh without putting our health at stake. It’s a good thing that there are eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives in dealing with bathroom odors without the use of harsh chemicals.

Here are a few tricks that work:

Courtesy Flushing

First off, a courtesy flush is not the primary answer to the question. However, it’s useful enough to lessen bathroom odors. Depending on what you have busted in the throne, water can help cover up any bad aromas before they begin stinking up the place.

Proper Ventilation

Many households underestimate proper ventilation in the bathroom without thinking of the possible disadvantages. The purpose of ventilation is to remove the trapped moisture out of your bathroom that helps in the growth and spread mold and mildew. Sufficient ventilation can benefit the bathroom in many ways. By using exhaust fans or keeping the windows open, you can give your bathroom adequate ventilation and eliminate any lingering odors.

Clean and Deodorized Drains

One of the reasons for a foul-smelling bathroom is a clogged or dirty drain. The biofilm or buildup of bacteria can also be the main cause of why your bathroom smells musty even you take the time to clean it. Check and see if your drains have a massive buildup of gross biofilm. Give it a deep clean if you need to.

Using Essential Oils

Give your bathroom proper care by giving it a diffusion of essential oils. Said to be more effective than other aromatherapy options such as candles and incense, essential oils can help you purify the air and leave your bathroom smelling fresh.

Why use commercial air fresheners when you can use these tips instead? Not only will they save you money but they will help you achieve a healthier home for your family.

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