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5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good


It’s possible to make your house look clean, but is it good enough to smell? 

A different approach is needed to give the house a pleasing aroma that will surely impress your guests and calm your nerves after a long day at work. 

We sniffed out a few tips to improve your home’s arome. Here are the best ones:

Light a few scented candles

Since it’s February, this option wouldn’t really seem out of place as it lets you show your home some extra love.

Besides, scented candles are a lovely way of bringing a preferred scent for your home. Do you want your home to smell like Lavender? Roses? How about old books even? Whatever your preferred scent is, you can rest assured you can find it among hundreds of scented candle options.

Use essential oils on your filters

A few drops of essential oils in your air filters will refresh your home like nothing else!

Essential oils come in a variety of natural scents and are often safe to use. Plus, they not only make your house smell as fresh, but they can also revitalize any weary soul!

Heat up some vanilla in the oven

This one is for the bakers. Do you have a few bottles of vanilla left and an empty oven? If yes, then this may be a convenient and quick method to give your house that heavenly scent!

Pour about two caps of vanilla into a container that’s safe to use in an oven. Turn it up to about 300 degrees and let it bake for an hour. 

There’s nothing like the smell of vanilla, but be warned, using too many vanilla essence can leave your home smelling like ice cream for a longer period of time.

Sprinkle baking powder on old carpets

When carpets age, they emit a bad smell, especially if you haven’t washed it or even changed it for a long period of time. 

The solution to this is to sprinkle baking powder on the old carpet and then let it sit for about 15 minutes. All you have to do after that is to do a bit of vacuuming. Your carpet would be odor-free instantly!

Air fresheners

Use these as a last resort. Additionally, you can also use them for the smaller areas of your home that need to be perfumized.

While air fresheners can also have plenty of scent options to help make your home smell great, it isn’t as luxurious as a scented candle. Moreover, they probably don’t look great to use.

Still, they’re affordable, and you can find them almost anywhere from your general cleaning store to the cleaning isles at a local supermarket.

Give yourself, your home, and your incoming guests some love by keeping your house clean and with a pleasant scent to boot!. 

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