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4 Ways You Can Bring Back That Kitchen Sink Sparkle

kitchen sink

A kitchen sink does a lot of work keeping things tidy in the heart of your home before, during, and even after every meal. Over time, it can lose its shine the more you use it.

Dirty kitchen sinks are the last thing you want when it does so much to keep your hands and dishes washed. Clean and shiny sinks are part of a sanitary kitchen and they should stay that way.

Luckily, there are many ways you can keep your kitchen sink sparkle intact. Here are a few examples:

Remove leftover food scraps

Forgetting to remove food scraps can lead to your sink losing its sparkle. 

Food scraps also invite the risk of pests like ants and rats getting comfortable on your sink. Make sure to rinse plates in a thorough manner before setting them down to make the sink easier to clean. 

Keep it decluttered and tidy

It won’t help to keep your kitchen sink sparkling if you leave items lying around.

As much as possible, declutter and tidy up the area around the sink to make room for dish or hand washing. Remember to return items like your utensils or sponges where they belong. It also helps to do this so you remember which drawer or cabinet they were last put in.

Remember to give it a scrub every now and then

It doesn’t take too much to keep your kitchen sink spotless and fresh if you give it a scrub every now and then.

This helps loosen up anything that you might have left lying around the last time you used it. It also keeps harmful bacteria from building up and gets rid of any unsightly stains.

Always disinfect 

It doesn’t matter how shiny you think you can make your kitchen sink. Harmful germs could still linger even if there’s an absence of food scraps and stains.

Sprinkle some disinfectant on the surface of your sink and allow it to dry after washing, scrubbing, and tidying up around it. This keeps cross-contamination from occurring and preserves its sparkle.

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