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4 Tips to a Spotless and Germ-free Bathroom

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Have you visited your bathroom lately? It may look clean to you, but germs are probably lurking around the sink, tiled floor, and toilet. To be safe, you may want to give your bathroom a thorough scrub down before you use it.

Then again, when it comes to cleaning, we will have to admit that the bathroom doesn’t get as much attention as the other parts of your house. That being said, you should be able to spend ample time cleaning your bathroom and making sure it’s free from germs and ugly stains.

Let’s look at a few important cleaning tips you should apply in your bathroom.

1. Remove all unnecessary items.

Before you start your all-out war against germs and dirt in your bathroom, you will have to declutter it first. For this, make sure to set aside items such as shampoo bottles and decorations. You may also need to toss out empty bathing products, that way, you can have all the space you want to start cleaning.

2. Clean the floor and every surface.

You can use an all-purpose cleaner and a spray bottle to combat germs everywhere they are. So, make sure to wipe flat surfaces free from dust. You will have to include shelves, towel racks, blinds, and the door. Next, spray some of that all-purpose cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe away any remaining germs!

3. Clean your sink and faucets.

Spray some of the cleaning solutions on your sink and faucets. This should eliminate any germs that are still lurking in your bathroom. After you’re done spraying, use a clean cloth to wipe at the excess and give your sink and faucets a perfect winger.

4. Clean your Toilet

Your toilet is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. That being said, it should be disinfected. You also need to give it a good scrubbing down using an old toothbrush. For good measure, you can get rid of the foul odor with a disinfectant spray.

Are you too busy to clean your bathroom? You can always hire a professional cleaning service to help you out.

Give your home or office a much needed pampering. With the right tools and a diligent staff, Clean House Services Inc. is Fort Walton Beach’s best cleaning company. To book for a cleaning, contact us at 850-496-6341 or click here to set an appointment.


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