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4 Easy Home Curtain Cleaning Tips

home curtain cleaning

Hair, dirt, dust, and odors can build up and stick to curtains. These can make your windows look dirty and grimy as a result. 

Not only do they pose a health risk but dirty curtains also make an unpleasant sight. Ignoring the need to clean your curtains is definitely worth your time, so it’s important to learn a few home curtain cleaning tips.

Get started with these four simple cleaning hacks for fresher curtains.

Dry clean your curtains

This tip can apply to curtains that tend to be large and heavy. 

To prevent shrinking or damage, check the labels to see whether you should dry clean the curtains or not. To be safe, take them to a professional dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning all kinds of fabric.

Do not attempt to wash these if they specify dry cleaning only. It could ruin them for good. 

Vacuuming your curtains

Vacuums are also handy tools that can get rid of large amounts of dust, dirt, and grime when used right. 

All you need is to put on the right attachments as needed and comb your vacuum over your curtains. Doing this at least once a week should clear out anything that could still be lingering.

Tend to stains immediately

The best way to keep something clean in your home is to keep the mess from settling in the first place.

It’s best that you tend to any stains or dust buildup on your curtains right away. This prevents what might be a small mess now becoming something of a bigger problem later on. 

If you’re going to be cleaning this dirty curtain in a couple of days, why not save yourself the time and take care of it now?

Consider a home-based cleaning solution

You can also consider using a home-based cleaning solution if you don’t happen to have one already.

Vinegar, liquid soap, and water all mixed into a spray bottle should do the trick. It’s a great way to freshen up your curtains without the use of chemicals. 

You could also hire the services of a professional cleaning company to do the work for you. With Clean House Services, you are guaranteed a cleaner and fresher home. 

Contact us today and we’ll clean your house curtains and all!

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