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3 Places in Your House You’re Forgetting to Clean

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When you thought you’ve already achieved a spotless home, you suddenly notice small specks of dirt underneath your sofa. So, you begin to ask yourself, “Have I been cleaning well enough?”

Keeping your house clean requires dedication and focus. If you skip certain places or areas, it’s very likely for dirt to accumulate and grow and invite disease-causing organisms. Litter from food, on the other hand, will invite pests such as rats and cockroaches over.

No doubt, having a busy schedule can make us forget to give our home a thorough top-down clean. On that note, let’s look at a few areas that you tend to overlook while tidying up.


  1.   Cabinets and Picture Frames   


These are the usual things we ignore since some cabinets and picture frames are located too high. Because they are out of your reach, you would rather not make the effort of cleaning them at all. It’s a simple problem that requires a simple solution. Just get a chair for extra height to reach the top-side areas. You can also use a clean microfiber cloth to get rid of dust on picture frames.


  1.  Under your Furniture


Dust can easily collect on the underside of your furniture, so make sure to use a vacuum tube to reach underneath. For best results, you can set your furniture aside and sweep away at the dust and filth.


  1. Your Refrigerator


Your fridge is one of the things that you probably forget to clean every single time. Still, it’s where you keep your food, and neglecting it will result in mold and mildew that could affect your taste and, worse, cause serious diseases. That being said, you should be able to clean out your fridge and throw away food that has gone bad.

Cleaning must always be part of your agenda and it shouldn’t be selective. If you love your home that much, you should clean it right down to the very details, which is also something you can expect from a professional cleaning company.

Give your home or office a much needed pampering. With the right tools and a diligent staff, Clean House Services Inc. is Fort Walton Beach’s best cleaning company. To book for a cleaning, contact us at 850-496-6341 or click here to set an appointment.


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