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April 2020

cleaning habits

4 Cleaning Habits to Develop at Home

What are some of your daily cleaning habits?  Habits become a part of your life even if you don’t put them on a list. And maintaining a rigid habit of cleaning your home ensures a healthier lifestyle for your family.  Here are a few habits you can develop to help keep your home clean every day: Making the bed If there’s anywhere to start developing cleaning habits, it’s when you finally wake up. Making the… Read More »4 Cleaning Habits to Develop at Home

electronic devices

A Guide to Cleaning Electronic Devices

As you get around to cleaning your home, you also need to keep appliances and electronic devices clean as well. As we lie in wait indoors, we may turn to these devices for entertainment, keeping us informed through the news on the internet, or simply to contact friends and family who are also stuck at home.  Here’s your guide to keep these devices clean:  Computers  If you are working at home, you rely on your… Read More »A Guide to Cleaning Electronic Devices