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October 2019

Clean Household

Household Items That You Forget To Clean

Ever have that feeling you might have forgotten to clean something around the house? If you’re planning to do a bit of deep cleaning, then pay attention to these small details:  Toothbrush Holders Your toothbrush holder is often one household item that gets overlooked. Often, this can lead to your toothbrushes being covered with mold and grime if it’s kept somewhere that hasn’t been cleaned. It’s recommended to clean your toothbrush holders with bleach and… Read More »Household Items That You Forget To Clean

home safely

4 Tips for Cleaning Your Home Safely

Home cleaning carries risks if you don’t know how to do it properly. Some cleaning products can be potentially harmful to your home and, more importantly, to your health.  Be on the safe side when cleaning your home. Take these important tips to mind: Following directions Most cleaning products come with instructions that are specifically useful for keeping yourself safe. These directions usually provide a step-by-step process on using the product, especially when it comes… Read More »4 Tips for Cleaning Your Home Safely

Clean ingredient

Natural Ingredients You Can Clean Your Home With

Cleaning your house is unavoidable. But you don’t always have to head out to the store for expensive and potentially hazardous cleaning products. Your household is probably stocked with natural cleaning ingredients that you might not even know you have. So, here are a few natural cleaning ingredients you can use to spruce up the household: Vinegar Vinegar is a fairly common household ingredient that easily doubles as a cleaning solution because of its versatility… Read More »Natural Ingredients You Can Clean Your Home With