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September 2019


Common Electronics to Clean at Home

The rooms of your house might be clean, but have you been giving your appliances the same amount of attention? Electronics can be tricky to clean, if not difficult. One drip of cleaning fluid, water, or even soap can lead to costly damages. Then again, it’s possible to clean these electronics without the risk of damaging them.  Let us show you how: Televisions Cleaning your television isn’t just a matter of wiping the screen. If… Read More »Common Electronics to Clean at Home

going away

Cleaning For When You’re Going Away

Whether you leave the house for vacation or a visit to a relative, the last thing you would want to do is to leave your house without so much as giving it a proper scrubbing. You wouldn’t want to come back to the same mess, so here are a few things to bear in mind before leaving the house. Tidy up the bedroom Your bedroom is the last room in the house that you want… Read More »Cleaning For When You’re Going Away


Balancing Cost and Quality in Cleaning your Home

How do you clean without breaking the bank? This is a question many busy homeowners wanted an answer to.  With bills and a mortgage to pay off, money is tight and cleaning takes time, so it’s important that you find a balance between cost and quality. Here are a few tips to give your home the cleaning it deserves without having to spend too much money: Plan out your grocery shopping If you plan to… Read More »Balancing Cost and Quality in Cleaning your Home


Is Your Cleaning Company Wasting Your Time?

Have you hired a cleaning service but feel like their hands might not be as clean as you thought? By that, we mean shady companies that are out to make quick but still leave you with subpar results.  Don’t get ripped by these “fly-by-night” cleaning services. You need to be cautious by checking for these red flags: Ever-increasing “charges” Did the company start off cheap, but started piling on extra charges more and more without… Read More »Is Your Cleaning Company Wasting Your Time?